I think there is one simple goal for all humanity. To just be a better human. It’s really that simple. It requires a little effort, such as respecting everyone regardless of our differences and having compassion for others without letting our own judgments of them affect the compassion we can extend.

Like you, I see the news every day and it’s all doom and gloom. It’s negative after negative news being drilled into our heads on a daily basis. Negative news draws us in. The problem is we tend to remain there, dwelling on it. And when we remain watching it over and over again, that brings in ratings – and ratings sell advertising space on these news channels. So negative news sells. Literally.

I find myself often saying, why can’t we just all be better humans? It’s not like we have to ignore what’s going on in the world, but we don’t need to remain fixated on it as if it is the only thing going on. Many good things are going on in the world. We just don’t have them being drilled into our heads every day. But we should.

Good news is contagious and it makes something within us want to go out and do nice and kind things for others. We need more of that. We need to be better. We need to focus on being better humans.

We accomplish this by doing things for others, as much as we can. It doesn’t have to be big things that cost a lot of money. Things like listening, respecting, asking people sincerely “How are you?” or “What can I do for you?”. Things like donating clothes, food, or goods. Things like donating time. Things like just being nicer to people. It just takes each of us a bit of time daily to be kind. We need to do more of that in this world.

Our mission is to educate people to live happier, healthier lives, and to get things right within themselves so that they can take that inner peace and release it into the world around them.

Welcome to Being Better Humans, enjoy, and share something good with those in your own circle.
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Sheila Burke