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Persistence Saves a Dog Missing 6 Weeks

One mid-August night, a 14-year-old lab-pitbull mix named Chloe didn’t return home for dinner. Her humans, Larry Osborne and Anouk Patel, launched an all-out search operation involving all their neighbors in Alma, Colorado. A...


He Turned Despair into Hope

For 45 years, survivalist Joe Badame, and his late wife, of Medford, New Jersey, had been preparing for doomsday. They built a lead-lined bunker in their basement that could house 100 people. It is...


An Act of GoodWill

Kindell Keyes works in a Goodwill store in Queens, N.Y. One day she was sorting through donations and found a lot of cash in a donated purse. “I started looking around like, who’s setting...